When to See an Audiologist

Hearing loss is a common issue in current generation, that needs to be catered before it becomes problematic. The problem is quite common in people with age around 65. The significant factors that are responsible for hearing loss include aging and exposure to loud noises. There are many other factors too, that promote hearing loss, such as excessive ear wax.

Most types of hearing loss cannot be reversed. With the help of qualified audiologist, the problem can be made better. Common symptoms of hearing loss include muffling of speech, muffling of sounds, difficulty in words comprehension, excessive background noise, frequently asking others to speak more slowly or repeat what they say, turning up the volume of television or radio, and avoiding social settings.

When to See an Audiologist?

If you are suffering from sudden hearing loss, you should immediately seek medical attention and talk to your audiologist if the matter is creating problems in your daily life. If you find it difficult to understand everything being said in the conversation and hear background noises, your hearing is probably deteriorated. The sounds might seem muffled to you and you might feel the need of turning the volume louder. All of this arises due to damage to the inner ear, infections, ruptured ear drum and building up of ear wax. For understanding hearing loss, you need to understand the functioning of ear first.

Involved Risk factors

Aging and inner ear damage leads to hearing loss. Being exposed to loud noises tears your ear hairs and nerve cells in cochlea that are responsible for sending sound signals towards brain. Ear hairs and nerve cells are crucial to hearing and if any of them is missing or damaged, there comes a serious issue in conveyance of electric signals, leading to hearing loss and muffling of higher-pitch tones.

Also, you are going to face a lot of difficulty in differentiating words from the background noise. If you are suffering from sensorineural hearing loss, this is the permanent one and you are going to face a lot of difficulty. Another factor that must be mentioned here is the gradual building up of ear wax that can further block your ear canal and prevent sound waves conduction. Getting the ear wax removed, however, can save you from the trouble. Tumors, abnormal bones in ear and ear infection can also lead to hearing loss, if left untreated.

Working environments where loud noise is a regular part, such as some construction or factory work can damage your hearing. Also, recreational noises can cause permanent hearing loss. These activities include snowmobiling, listening to loud music and motorcycling. Some medicines, if wrongly prescribed, can also lead towards severe hearing loss. There are various drugs such as gentamicin and other chemotherapy medicines that can damage your inner ear. The temporary effects of these drugs include tinnitus, while the permanent effects include severe hearing loss and illnesses.

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