Treating Ear Barotrauma and Related Hearing Issues

Hearing disorders can ruin your standard of living and expose you to unwanted situations. Individuals suffering from hearing loss feel difficulty in interpreting situations and feel left out in direct and group conversations. They also might feel the need to turn the television volume up and exceedingly loud sound levels. This happens due to many direct and indirect factors such as aging, genetics, ringing or whistling sounds in ear, loud noise at concerts, and many other related factors.

Once you feel like people around you are pointing out that you should consult an audiologist, you should take it seriously. Audiologist would then recommend you with some suitable medication, treatment, surgery, hearing aids or any other alternative. Hearing aids are quite helpful in letting you hear close to normal sounds. These are available in different sizes, colors and styles. You need to first have a hearing evaluation section first and then choose your hearing aid according to your requirements.

Ear Barotrauma- What it is?

Ear barotrauma or stretched ear is a hearing order that takes place due to sudden changes in the air pressure inside the middle ear and the ear canal. The pressure at both the places in unequal, causing the ear drum to bend inwards. If the situation becomes worse, this can even lead to bleeding or even a rupture. This normally happens due to some blockage in the Eustachian tubes that aid in regulating the ear pressure within your ears and let out the surplus air towards the middle ear if required. However, if they get blocked due to any reason, this procedure cannot take place and the ear drum can be damaged as a whole.

The issue is pretty common when you are personally experiencing the changes in the air pressure inside your air. If you are suffering from this condition, you should avoid diving, flying and other such activities that are related to your balance system. You should also avoid climbing at higher altitudes if your eustachian tubes are blocked.

The blockages inside the eustachian tube take place due to scarring, infections, colds, tumors and allergies. If you are having a cold, you should consult a doctor before subjecting yourself to any activity that requires changes in the air pressure. There are several sweets and gums available to chew, that can help in alleviating the pressure. Numerous exercises are also available to better the situation and balance the pressure in your ears.


Hearing disorders and infections can be prevented by avoiding getting your ears in conditions that involve moisture. You should keep your ears dry and should keep your own fingers away from your ears to avoid infection. Give up using cotton buds as they do nothing but harm your ears and push the ear wax even deeper, introducing bacteria to your inner ear.

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