Top 5 Tips to Avoid Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be an obstacle to your healthy and happy life, interrupting your routine activities and putting you in situations that can be embarrassing. It becomes an awkward situation when you have to turn the television volume at exceedingly loud level or you have to ask others to speak louder or repeat what they are saying.

The most frequent reasons behind hearing loss include age factor and loud noise. Whenever you feel like losing your hearing and you can’t hear normal, you might feel the need of getting your hearing checked and rushing to your nearest audiologist who would then recommend you with some suitable hearing aid or solution.

As you get older, the small hair cells inside your ears start deteriorating and slowly breaking down, not being able to pick up sounds any more or as efficiently as they used to. Frequent exposure to loud sounds over time can also cause damage to your hair cells and the good news is that you can stay away from hearing loss by following the simple tips mentioned below:

  1. Avoid Noise

If you have to shout over the noises around you, that definitely means it’s damaging your entire hearing. Sounds from vehicles, concert speakers and power tools are all loud enough to damage your hearing. Hearing is not always avoidable, however it’s just normal and a part of aging process.

Hearing loss due to continuous exposure of loud noises is completely avoidable and there are a lot of ways for avoiding loud noises, no matter how old you are. For avoiding noise-induced hearing loss, you need to stay away from loud noises as much as you can.

Noises are measured in decibels. The louder the noise, the higher is the number. If you don’t know what loud noises are, the following noises fall in the loud noise category:

  • The need of raising your voice for talking to other people
  • You are unable to hear what other people are saying.
  • Continuous ringing in your ears or muffled hearing.
  1. Listening to Soft Music

Listening to loud music can be one of the biggest threats to hearing and use noise-canceling earphones and turn down the volume a little bit to make the difference. Don’t listen to music more than 60% of the maximum volume.

  1. Protect your hearing during loud events

Wear hearing protection during loud activities and move away the sources of loud noises. Try to take break from noise every 15 minutes. Wearing ear plugs reduces the volume of music.

  1. Precautions at Work

Being continuously exposed to loud noises at work destroys your hearing. You should take steps to reduce exposure to loud noise by keep safer and quitter equipment and making sure you are not exposed to loud noises for long periods. Try wearing hear protection and make sure your wear the given protection every time you are exposed to loud noises.

  1. Get your hearing tested

Try getting your hearing evaluated as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’d end up your hearing. The earlier it’s diagnosed, the earlier it would be corrected. Try getting your hearing evaluated on regular basis.

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