The Ultimate Guidebook to Hearing Aid Types

Are you already suffering from hearing loss and thinking of buying the hearing aids for the first time? You might be confused to see a variety of hearing aids styles and technology to choose from, for varying levels of hearing loss. Different audiologist work closely with you to help you determine the right hearing aid that meets your requirements.

Before buying any hearing aid, you should know about the different types of hearing aids that are currently being used:

Behind the Ear

These hearing aids rest at the back of your ear and send sound to your ear in three different ways. They can either use a clear and flexible tubing that is connected to an ear mould that fits completely in your inner ear. They can also use a thin tubing connected to a soft tip that rests inside your ear canal, known as open ear fitting due to its open nature and tendency to provide less blockage as compared to an ear mould. This also lets you enjoy better sounds that are more natural and less noticeable. These type of hearing aids are perfect if the severity of your hearing loss is mild or moderate. With frequent hear infections, these type of hearing aids are certainly not recommended. These are also known as “loudspeaker” or “receiver” in the ear.

In-the-Ear and In-the-Canal Hearing Aids

These hearing aids have their functional parts in the ear mould and fit fully inside your ear. These come in different shapes, powers and strengths. From the side, they can be seen in the ear. Being less visible and smaller, they easily fit on the right side inside your ear canal. These are also not a preferred choice if you have got severe hearing loss or frequent ear infections. Also, you might face trouble in using these hearing aids if you are not comfortable with using small controls and cannot use a hearing aid without a remote control.

Completely-in-the-Canal hearing aids

These are better than the above-mentioned hearing aids and are less visible unless someone gets to look at them from a very minor distance. Being extremely small in size, they hardly use any technology.

Invisible-in-the-Canal Hearing Aids

These hearing aids are new in market and are immensely in demand. You can buy them privately too. Invisible hearing aids fit very deeply in your inner ear and some of them stay in your ear for a few months and can be removed only by your audiologist. Your audiologist not only clean the hearing aids, but also maintain them for you. The other models except this one can be however taken out of ear by yourself. Your audiologist helps you decide the right type of hearing aid depending upon your hearing loss, affordability and size of ear canals.

Want to learn more about the severity of hearing loss and the type of hearing aids? Get in touch with our audiologist right now and enhance your knowledge about your specific concern.

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