My new hearing aids are quite convenient. I can hardly feel them and can’t even see them! Once you get used to them, they are easy to put in. It’s almost like my own normal hearing is back!


I am well-satisfied with my new hearing aids. I knew for a couple of years that I needed to do something with my hearing, but I kept putting it off! Now I wish I hadn’t, because it has been a joy hearing again. The staff at Ear & Hear is very professional and caring”

Prof. Mubeen

My new hearing aids are so much better. I can easily wear them everywhere!!! There is no plugged-up kinda feeling, music is beautiful again and the sounds are so natural. The best part is, no one even knows that I have them on. Hearing again is so wonderful!


“I am so glad I have the best hearing aids. I now know I have missed a lot by not hearing what goes on. I would recommend them to anyone and I’m very pleased with the ongoing help with any questions or concerns.”