There are different hearing aids available in market, with different styles and technology levels including basic, advanced and premium levels. Individuals have varied hearing requirements and to cater them, they require customized hearing aids that fit properly to their ears.

Latest hearing aids are available now that are both sleek and compact in design and contain fully integrated features. There are basic digital hearing aids available that require manual adjustments according to particular listening environments. These manual changes include turning up or down of the volume, or pushing a specific button for changing the listening programs. Using the advanced or premium hearing aids, the changes in listening environments can automatically be responded. As the technology levels are increased, you start getting enhanced functionality.

Some of today’s different types of digital hearing aids are mentioned below:

CIC - 3Completely In Canal (CIC)

CIC is made for people who want a cosmetic appeal in their hearing aid, and is one of the smallest custom-styled nearly invisible hearing aids when worn.


ITC - 4In The Canal (ITC)

Slightly larger than other CIC models, it sits in the lower side of external ear and comes with different additional features such as directional microphones for better understanding in noisy environments and volume controls.


ITE - 1In The Ear (ITE)

This comes with a large size, accommodating maximum number of additional controls and features and a larger receiver that ensures more power. This type of hearing aids fits inside the entire ear.


BTE with Earmold - 6BTE with Earmold

These have a slightly longer shape and vary in style and color, coming with different features including program button and volume control.


Mini BTE - 7Mini BTE with slim tube and tip

These use thin tubing and wiring, and are designed in a manner that they hide behind the outer ear and connect to a soft tip inside the ear canal.


RIC - 9Receiver In Ear (RIC)

These small-sized BTEs look quite similar to Mini BTE and come with a receiver embedded in the ear tip.

Factors Affecting Hearing Aids’ Selection?

  • Different Anatomical Considerations
  • Visual Abilities
  • Budget
  • Medical Considerations
  • Listening Needs
  • Extent of Hearing Loss
  • Manual Dexterity
  • Skin Sensitivities


Bluetooth hearing aids are specifically made for those who endorse technology and want to enjoy a better and more refined sound quality. These come as an optional feature in hearing aids. These are a wireless pair of hearing aids that offer more convenience and enable better connectivity with modern technologies, eliminating different obstacles and noise disturbances. Bluetooth hearing aids can be paired with other devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Enjoy a smooth communicating experience.

Why Bluetooth Hearing Aids are the Best?

Feeling difficulty in understanding soft, mumbled sounds? Cannot hear your calls properly? Ever felt left out in social gatherings and discussions? We have got you covered.

Bluetooth hearing aids offer much convenience and come with enhanced sound comprehension to let you understand conversations even with low volume. These type of hearing aids are well-known for calibrating the sounds quality according to different hearing thresholds. If you are using your device for listening to music or taking a specific phone call, Bluetooth connectivity is a must.

There are many people who still don’t feel the need to use Bluetooth hearing aids as they don’t listen to music or attend phone calls that much. Therefore, the choice of selecting a Bluetooth hearing aid is according to one’s own hearing preferences. These hearing aids help in the entire listening mechanism and let you manage sound levels according to your preferences.


We undertake realistic measurements to add accuracy to threshold testing and measure the frequency shaping of your device. For optimal results, we enable fine-tuning that makes you enjoy all the benefits of sharp hearing.

We understand the need of style and variety in hearing aids, and offer an extensive variety of hearing aids to better let you choose the one of your preferences. We have got the right bunch of technicians, industry expertise and premium care standards. Taking realistic measurements into consideration, we further add accuracy to threshold testing and enable fine tuning to make sure you enjoy the benefits of sharp hearing and experience a smooth, hassle-free hearing journey.

Market Expertise

Our wide knowledge of hearing industry enables us to fulfil our aim of successfully providing the right hearing solutions. We have got experts with perfect knowledge of auditory learning, sound adaptation and sound perception.

Unrivaled Technology

We make use of the right technology and use latest protocols for verification and testing. Use of latest digital audiological instruments enables us to offer efficiency and accuracy.

Support and Care

We truly care for you. Our audiologists work closely with physicians to address your current hearing issues and recommend the suitable hearing aid accordingly, keeping in mind your style preferences, hearing requirements and budget.

Accurate Measurements

Taking into account your real time ear measurements that include your ear’s shape and size, we make sure accuracy is achieved in every task we perform and you get maximum benefit for the device at the end.


We believe in equipping the patient with the best value and make sure you get the right value of money. Our recommendations are based solely on value factor, rather than on the pricing and we make sure you get satisfaction at the end.