How Living with Tinnitus Feels Like

Ever heard the sound of mumbling, ringing, hissing or whistling inside your ears in the absence of external noises?

Don’t neglect it, you might be suffering from Tinnitus. Though most of such cases are not that severe, you should get it treated at once to avoid the long-term consequences. Many people consider it as a disease. The fact is, it’s not a disease at all!

Tinnitus is merely a symptom that shows up due to the underlying causes.

For living a normal life with Tinnitus, you need to make some slight changes to your daily routine, along with Tinnitus treatment from your nearest audiologist. A few helping strategies for tinnitus may include the identification of the symptoms that make the entire problem severe for you. Keep a written log of certain foods and beverages that can make Tinnitus worse and notice the ones affecting you.

Tinnitus Treatment

When it comes to the Tinnitus treatment, there is no specific cure. However, with hearing aids and white noise machines, the severity of Tinnitus can be lessened to an extent. Some people naturally possess the potential to deal with the problem better than others and conquer it in a smaller time span. Learn to live in harmony with the sound and hold that power to change your situation. It depends upon the way how we react to the situation psychologically, emotionally and physically.

The main problem is that our brains cannot differentiate between real danger and tinnitus and so our emotional reaction and stress response remains the same, leaving us in frustration. If we change the way we react to sounds, the problem becomes less troublesome.

Possible Triggers

Tinnitus may not go away at once. With willpower, we can get to a position that it stops bothering us and helps us take steps to improve our quality of living. Some of the possible triggers for tinnitus include:

  • Drinks with caffeine such as cola, coffee, tea, and energy drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Aspirin
  • Salt
  • Smoking

Smoking is the worst of all these mentioned triggers as it casts a negative impact in two ways: it harms the flow of blood to the sensitive nerve cells that control your hearing and also acts as a body stimulant in your body. This leads towards making the ringing and whistling sounds in your ears even louder.

How to Conquer the Problem?

It’s time to face Tinnitus proudly and beat it within no time!

Try adding soothing sounds to silence as Tinnitus bothers you when there is calmness all around. For distracting yourself from the problem, try listening to some soft background music, radio, turn on fan, try white noise machine that creates the sound of some specific situation like ocean waves, running stream or rainfall. Take out some time out of your busy routine to relax everyday as stress and worries can even make the situation worse. Protect your hearing against loud noises. Wear hear plugs at situations when you are exposed to loud noises such as concerts or in restaurants and never forget wearing hearing aids.

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