Pre-School Hearing sCREENING

Ear & hear screening programs help in quick detection of pediatric hearing loss at earliest possible stage to identify the children at risk of hearing. Children suffering with mild hearing loss have to experience gap in language development and socialization skills if they don’t undergo hearing screening.

We provide pre-school hearing screening wherever you want, within our premises or at school site. Our audiologists play a pivotal role in screening that includes the right selection of screening protocol, finding out the key indicators and properly documenting the research findings.

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With pre-employment hearing screening, you will be able to make sure that all your workers and employees are meeting the set safety standards of the workplace.

You need to monitor the employee’s hearing levels at the time of hiring for hearing conservation and monitoring and we help you understand all the pre-employment hearing requirements.

Determining any pre-existing hearing loss

Ear & Hear also provides on-site hearing tests. These include:

  • A confidential questionnaire
  • Otoscopic examination (visual inspection of the outer ear)
  • Advise and referrals for employees whose hearing is found to be affected
  • Hearing protection advise based on results
  • Prompt, complete report