Our hearing programs lay a strong focus on enhancing your overall communication, based on different sessions. The main purpose is to let the people know more about hearing health and the extent to which they are undergoing hearing loss, and how hearing loss casts a negative impact on their personal and social lives. We, at Ear & Hear, are aware of the people who don’t even have knowledge about the problem and tend to destroy their lives as a result. Hearing health is mostly neglected by all and people don’t even get any idea about it till it starts impacting their lives and creating difficulties for them.

Upon completion, you would be able to learn:

  • How to make it out while hearing
  • The nature of hearing loss
  • Different perception of hearing from the patient vs their loved ones
  • Different strategies for maximizing your hearing potential
  • How to manage environmental circumstances that adversely affect hearing
  • How to use hearing aids in the best manner
  • How to determine when it is appropriate to pursue hearing aids
  • Realistic expectations regarding hearing aid use
  • The recipe for long term success with hearing aids
  • Addressing the persistent negativity regarding hearing aid use

Hearing Listening

Hearing Listening Program by Ear & Hear helps individuals relearn the hearing skills. Anyone suffering from hearing loss or their hearing-impaired acquaintances can attend this program. Normally, people tend to ignore hearing loss and manage performing their daily routine activities without getting themselves checked. This case leads to unwanted situations and the problem becomes even severe to the extent that it starts interfering with their daily life. Brain is also responsible for not letting the individuals realize about the severity of the problem.


Ear & Hear offers a customized approach towards hearing, with different sound adjustment levels and speech and comprehension related activities available. Our program caters all those who want a solution to their hearing problems, and lets them get set to the path of hearing success and restore their hearing back. This program is therefore the best for relearning hearing skills and witnessing hearing success.


The following people can be the attendees of the program:

  • People experiencing a few difficulties or breakdown in communication
  • People with minimal hearing loss
  • Patients with more significant hearing loss and for the members of your household


On completion of programs, you can better learn:

  • Communication strategies.
  • Information regarding decreasing efforts to communicate successfully
  • Catering anxiety and confusion issues.