Hearing Aids to Consider in 2019

Technology now has got the real potential to transform everything and to make our lives even easier. Talking about the technology infused in the hearing aids of no generation, it’s no more a surprise to us. With the current advancements, nearly everything seems possible now.

With the increasing awareness, hearing loss is no more problematic to individuals, as they know what to do and which audiologist to go to. There are different audiologists having years of experience in serving hearing, recommending people with suitable treatments and hearing aids to set again on the path of progressive hearing. There was a time when people were excited using hearing aids as sound amplifiers. The days of hearing aids being used as sound amplifiers are over now.

There are several hearing aid manufacturers now who are working on developing hearing aids that are not only smarter, but also more attractive and smaller in size, hosting a variety of new features that make them even more likely to be bought by consumers.

No matter if worn inside or behind the ear, hearing aids are becoming quite small in size and are hardly detectable from the naked eye. A variety of sizes are being offered to cater different ear sizes and shapes. The era of impressions and ear molds being created and used is over. Now consumers prefer ready-to-wear hearing aids that fit comfortably in the ears and are much lighter in weight.

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Devices

Hearing aids now come with rechargeable batteries, that can be placed simply in the charging pod for nearly half an hour to hold charging up to 6 hours. For a 24-hour battery lasting, they need to be charged for almost 2-3 hours. Wearing such hearing aids, consumers no longer need to be worried when running out of battery and don’t feel the need of changing the battery as they can simply recharge them.

Ear-to-Ear Connection

Previously, hearing aids for each ear worked separately. Using ear-to-ear connection, known as binaural capability, the hearing aids are connected via a wireless signal. The changes made in any of the hearing aids tend to appear in both of them automatically. Instead of being bombarded with different sounds coming into ears, hearing aids with such technology create a single sound as an overall sound that is quite close to natural hearing and you can hardly feel any difference.

Hearing Aid with Wireless Connectivity (Bluetooth Hearing Aids)

Wireless connectivity has taken over almost all fields and this includes the hearing aid market too. Manufacturers are making sure to include wireless connectivity in modern hearings to enable smarter listening to the consumers. Consumers are aware of their surrounding environment and the happenings going around with smarter hearing aids. There are numerous other smart devices in your home such as lighting, safety appliances and door bells that can directly send signals to your hearing aids. Using such hearing aids, you can even control the volume of your television and stream different programs.

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