Hearing aids are a preferred treatment option in any case of hearing loss, recommended by all the audiologists. These come with different style variation and our professionals help you find out the right one. You might face different emotions during hearing evaluation. Considering your medical history and related information, we find out the exact symptoms you experience and perform different tests to derive more information.

Hearing aid evaluation by Ear & Hear acts as a basis for identifying the hearing needs of the suffering individual. We believe in making your hearing better and helping you out with the hearing aids according to your technology, size and hearing demands.


  • Appointment
  • Hearing Test
  • Hearing Aid Selection
  • Hearing Aid Style Selection


  • Conduct hearing tests to measure the softest sound you can hear.
  • Detect the comfortable sound volume for you.
  • Suggest a better hearing aid that amplifies soft sounds and compresses loud sounds.
  • Discuss different levels of technology and learning environments.
  • Make recommendations for your communication needs.
  • Facilitate in proper fitting of hearing aids to your ears.
  • Ensure you are getting the right amount of amplification according to your hearing loss severity.

Hearing Aid

Routine service and checkup of hearing aid will maintain their performance and will help them last longer. We recommend a hearing aid service every year.

Hearing aids not always require a repair. However, they come with different components and if you experience some problems, it’s time to get them repaired with Ear & Hear. These issues do happen and we understand them, performing all the repairs in-house and offering the best after sales services. We have our technicians trained from Germany with hands on latest techniques and hearing technology, and with the right knowledge of repairing hearing aids tools and equipment to help you right away!

With routine checkups and performance evaluation, we keep up with the right functioning of hearing aids and offer service each year to ensure no glitches.