5 Hearing Disorders You Should Know About

It’s commonly known that eyes are the windows to the soul. If eyes are the window, we can confidently say that ears may be the gateway to the overall physical health. This has been proven medically too, as doctors sometimes tell you about what is happening inside your whole body once looking at your hearing health. Our hearing sense holds answers to what we are suffering from, ranging from nausea, dizziness, to paralysis and death. Regularly visiting an audiologist saves you from burden of diseases, that if later discovered, can lead to severe health issues.

Suffering from hearing loss is not a good sign. There are many individuals who tend to ignore the hearing loss till it becomes problematic. In that case, they have to rush to audiologists to get checked for hearing loss, and end up being recommended a medical treatment or suitable hearing aids. Let’s have a look at the five common ear disorders that you might not know about. These are:

1. Superior Semicircular Canal Dehiscence Syndrome (SCDS)

The inner ear of human body has an extremely delicate structure and even a single hole in any bone can lead to hearing and balance disorders that can be disturbing. The sufferers might feel difficulty in maintaining body balance while walking or turning to look behind them. This disorder is all related to balance and according to researches, this has affected less than 1 percent of the population till now. SCDS disorder causes nauseas, extreme sound sensitivity and vertigo and the patients might complain of listening their own voices or pulse sound too loud. One of the sufferers of SCDS told that he could even hear his eyes moving.

  • Diagnosis and treatment

In most of the cases, the physicians if doubt this disorder, would recommend you to get a CT scan of the inner ear to get a look at any defect in the opening of the temporal bone that lays over the superior canal. Corrective surgery is performed if SCDS disorder is diagnosed by the hearing health specialist. As the inner ear heals ad the brain does some adjustments, rehabilitation is required, as this if left untreated can lead to permanent hearing loss.

2. Cholesteatoma

Cholesteatoma affects nearly 1 in every 10K people and is a cyst-like growth that keeps on developing in the inner ear. Though it’s not malignant, it can be troublesome and lead to permanent hearing loss and other serious diseases. The affected person might feel a smelly discharge from ear. The two common types of this disorder include congenital and acquired cholesteatoma.

  • Diagnosis and treatment

Upon examination of the human ear, the physicians might detect a white mass that can be surgically removed. If left untreated, it can expand and grow, leading to permanent damage to the inner ear and causing dizziness or balance issues that can further include interference with muscles and nerves, leading to paralysis. The toxicity can even spread to the other parts of the body.

3. Autoimmune inner ear disease (AIED)

This is a rare syndrome that is caused by the antibodies or inner cells attacking the ear, accompanying dizziness and progressive hearing loss. Its causes range from delayed response to the immune system to accidental damage and genetic factors.

4. Meniere’s disease

Meniere’s disease includes tinnitus and a feeling of fullness or pressure inside ear with fluctuating hearing loss. Normally, this affects a single ear and occurs in individuals with age between 20 and 50.  It’s believed that this disorder happens due to the presence of abnormal amount of fluid inside the ear.

5. Crohn’s disease

This disorder is directly related with swelling and irritation of the digestive tract and it might affect the other parts of your body as well. Medications are prescribed and this disorder can be treated and hearing problems can thus be solved upon examination of the ear.

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